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About Derek

'Technology is a powerful enabler'

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After graduating with an Applied Math/Computer Science degree from Dublin City University, I started my career with Allied Irish Bank in Dublin and Singapore. AIB gave me an appreciation for how technology can enhance a business along with a desire to travel. 

I relocated to Sydney in 1996 and worked in IT and Business Process Outsourcing for the next 9 years across a range of clients including ING and Australia's largest wealth manager AMP before joining Avoka as employee #9. 

Avoka helped businesses across a range of industries capitalize on the opportunity to move transactions to the digital and mobile channels. From government licenses & permits to insurance claims and bank account opening. And it was here that we saw the opportunity to digitize customer acquisition for banks - bringing the convenience and customer experience of eCommerce to the complex world of financial services. 

Our move to the US with a focus on "frictionless customer acquisition" was a game-changer. We grew the Avoka business to 87 clients in the US, Australia and Europe before being acquired by Temenos. 


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